Our desire to meet the real demands of forestry professionals has spurred us to create some of the world's best and most innovative chainsaws. When this saw was being developed, one of the requirements for the product engineers was to significantly reduce its noise level.

Their skill in bending pipe made it possible to realize a new design for the mufflers. The first prototype of the Husqvarna 65 was too heavy. After further work on the saw, the center of gravity was moved closer to the handles, and the weight of the bar was reduced. Inthe product engineers at Husqvarna were commissioned to develop a completely new chainsaw to be launched at the Elmia Fair, a large forestry fair outside Huskvarna.

They had one year to do it. Other projects were put aside, and all available resources were focused on developing a safe and convenient chainsaw.

The product engineers got hardly any time off at Christmas and New Years, but the saw was finished on time. The Husqvarna was a huge success, kickstarting exports to the North American continent. Meanwhile, the vibration dampening system was so successful that the head of design was invited to give a lecture at the University of Dundee, during a conference on vibration-related injuries. After successfully making chainsaws quieter, lighter and with better vibration dampening, Husqvarna engineers turned their focus to safety.

Using a chainsaw could be dangerous, and loggers often suffered serious injuries. In response, the Husqvarna was developed, a thoroughly modern saw with fewer parts, an electronic ignition system and, perhaps most importantly, an automatic chainbrake.

The innovation dramatically reduced the number of accidents. In fact, the factory in Huskvarna received a letter from a forestry company, thanking Husqvarna for saving lives with the new saw. Sometimes, the numbers have taken on meanings of their own.

Traditions in many Asian cultures associate the number 3 with love, while 4 is associated with death. Fortunately, Husqvarna made relatively safe chainsaws! Meanwhile, it was the saw's heated handles that earned it the love of forestry workers in northern Europe.

1982 Husqvarna 250 Motorcycles for sale

Landowners needed a simple, robust saw that was extremely reliable. Husqvarna answered the call with the 50 Rancher.Oval number plates top quality,dark yellow, black, white, green. Husqvarna piston kit wossner. Husqvarna exhaust manifold Husqvarna used exhaust manifold part number to fit to Buy Details. Husqvarna exhaust bracket complete Husqvarna new old stock exhaust mounting bracket complete to fit to Library photo.

Husqvarna silencer Husqvarna used silencer to fit on. Husqvarna silencer to Husqvarna used to silencer has the lugs for mounting number plate. Husqvarna exhaust Husqvarna used cc exhaust pipe in good condition, part number or Husqvarna exhaust manifold Husqvarna used exhaust manifold with spring attachments part number Husqvarna exhaust clamp Husqvarna exhaust clamp, part number Husqvarna exhaust clamp Husqvarna new old stock exhaust clamp, part number to fit to Husqvarna silencer O ring Husqvarna silencer viton o ring part number Husqvarna exhaust spring Husqvarna exhaust spring, part number common for most years.

Husqvarna exhaust spring long Husqvarna replacment exhaust spring, fits all to models 75mm long, also fits brake rod return spring. Priced each. Husqvarna exhaust spring short Husqvarna replacment exhaust spring fits to 56mm long. Husqvarna silencer Husqvarna silencer complete with fixing clamp, suit many years, was standard on to Husqvarna exhaust springs Husqvarna reproduction exhaust spring part number Fits all to The company began producing motorcycles in at HuskvarnaSweden, as a subsidiary of the Husqvarna armament firm.

Husqvarna was founded near the town of Huskvarna in Sweden in The company started out as a maker of muskets, and the Husqvarna logo still depicts a gun sight viewed from the end of the barrel.

As with many motorcycle manufacturers, Husqvarna first began producing bicycles in the late 19th century. Inthey made the jump to motorcycle manufacturing. The first "Husky" motorcycles used imported engines, and it was not until that Husqvarna began producing machines built entirely in-house.

Around that time they secured a contract with the Swedish Armyand also began entering cross-country and long-distance motorcycle races. Husqvarna competed in Grand Prix road racing in the cc and cc classes during the s and was Sweden's largest motorcycle manufacturer by All of the racing bikes were based on a degree V-twin prototype built by Folke Mannerstedt in This and the next year's success led to a full commitment to the GP tracks with Stanley Woods and Ernie Nott joining the Husqvarna riding team.

In the company withdraw racing support, but new bikes were still produced and raced privately, [3] while the company focused on producing a new two-stroke, two-speed commuter bike.

With the rise of Moto-cross as a sport Husqvarna focused on producing light weight racing bikes. They adapted their lightweight single cylinder bike to racing and delivered the "Silverpilen" meaning silver arrow. At 75 kg and designed for racing it gained widespread popularity. Sporting many innovations like telescoping front forks and hydraulic dampened suspension it became an international success. It was lightweight, air-cooled, easy-handling and changed the future of off-road racing motorcycles.

Moto-Reve model that belonged to Romanian aviation pioneer Aurel Vlaicu. Inthe Husqvarna motorcycle division not the other arms of the brand such as chainsaw production was sold to Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva and became part of MV Agusta Motor S. All development, sales and production activities, as well as the workforce, remained at the Varese location. Recently, Husqvarna Motorcycles has been preparing its re-entry into the street motorcycle market.

InHusqvarna Motorcycles introduced a new range of enduro motorcycles with a self-developed two-stroke fuel injection system Transfer Port Injection - TPI. Husqvarna names many of their motorcycles according to a nomenclature of engine cycle "F" for f our-stroke"T" for t wo-strokeapplication or type "E" for e nduro motorcycles"C" for moto c ross machines, "S" for s upermotosand engine displacement. Additionally, some models of two-stroke machines have the suffix "i" included to indicate that these models have electronic fuel injection, rather than carburetors.

For example:.Make Husqvarna. Model TC Stronger braking performance is guaranteed by new disc brakes and the g lighter spokes reduce unsprung weight for improved agility. The standard handlebar map switch, polyamide rear subframe, hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes make the TC a formidable competitor to the more complex 4-strokes. Model XC. Model Original paint on frame and tank!

Original foot pegs straight, sharp and not sagged. It won all three Been in clean, dry storage since due to back surgery. Prior to this it was a very low-time, clean trail bike that had never been raced or abused. I bought this bike to vintage race because of how clean, tight and original it was. Comes with clean original full set of plastic and bars, perfect original pipe and silencer, original wheels and sprockets and original shocks.

1982 Husqvarna 430XC

All of the original parts are in excellent condition. Also original Mossbarger reed block and reeds not installed. New chain and sprockets.

This bike is not clapped out and used up. A super-rare find with a TON invested. Buy it to collect, go win a post-vintage race or trail ride!! Well worth the price. Serious inquires only please. If you know these bikes then you know what just the aftermarket parts are worth. Model CR. This is a very nice, low hours orginal condtion Husqvarna cr. It has a new Michelin front and Bridgestone rear tires.

No dents or scratches to the tank and no pitting on the forks.

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It has new fork oil and seals and new swing arm bushings. It has good spark and compression. I put gas in the float bowl and it started and ran till the gas was gone.

I have not put gas in the tank to try and ride it. This bike was in my brothers collection for many years but he never did ride it. He has passed away and Im selling it to settle his estate. Please ask any questions you have.

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Model WR. All original except Levers Very Good condition. Model Wr I have for sale what I believe is a Husqvara WR vintage bike The speedometer says miles but I have no way of knowing whether or not that is accurate. I bought this bike 4 or 5 years ago with plans to keep and restore to original. My situation has changed and I am going to let this bike go on to someone else.Vintage Husky Info.

There original bike used a large 4 gallon BSA gas tank just like the one in the photo. The bike had front head light off of a BSA and a tail light from an unknown source, stock Girling shocks where used with the chrome covers left off.

This model of bike won the World GP Championship inA new 36 mm Bing center float carb showed up on this model, also ridged Akront rims were new for this year. This Husky WR Marks a big change in frame and engine development. The new engine included center cases and 5 speed transmission. The clutch assembly is much larger along with a cover to protect it.

In this CR came with a much more trimmed down gas tank for motocross along with plastic fenders, new lower fork legs and a new exhaust pipe. The engine got a new cylinder and connecting rod.

This bike has an after market manifold that houses a reed assembly. The bike here is a CR Dirt bikes have had about 4 inches of rear wheel travel from the beginning and this bike has 6 inches. Soon all dirt bikes would start to increase front and rear wheel movement in big ways. This bike also has Magnesium engine cases and monster size reed block assembly. It has many after market parts that personalize it to the owners liking.

It has a Profab swing arm, Ohlins rear shocks, Proform expansion chamber, aluminum gas tank and CNC machined fork triple clamps. This bike is a Husqvarna By the in this picture has the new long travel frame called the GP frame.

The engine has a reed cylinder and piston to go along with it, aluminum gas tank and magnesium fork sliders. This bike has 7 inches or more, front, and rear wheel movement. This bike came with shoulder less Akront rims. By all dirt bikes have about 10 inches of wheel travel, front, and rear. In just 5 years dirt bikes have gone from 32 inch seat height to 37 inch plus seat height, more plastic and larger tires came as well. It came with all of the same parts that would have been on Heikki Mikkola's GP winning bikes.

The only difference would have been cylinder porting, ignition and ignition timing, handle bar height and a few personal tweeks. These bikes were light, fast, and very strong. This first used many of the same parts as the old used but came with the much needed bigger and stronger rear hub, and with the increased cylinder came a larger expansion chamber. The Desert Master was a combination of parts. It came with the largest of all husky gas tanks.

The first look at this 4 gallon tank would have been on the one off factory Baja winning cc twin in In the same 4 gallon tank showed up on the sportsman.

This bike also came with a close ratio trans and points ignition. The way the side panels mounted changed. A minor change in the kick lever and the seat pan. This new engine design came with many changes to the transmission, clutch gear, kick gear arrangement.

This made it possible to kick start the engine with the clutch pulled in and the transmission in gear. This is a Husqvarna CR with a few upgrades on it.Make Husqvarna. Model XC. Model TC Stronger braking performance is guaranteed by new disc brakes and the g lighter spokes reduce unsprung weight for improved agility.

The standard handlebar map switch, polyamide rear subframe, hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes make the TC a formidable competitor to the more complex 4-strokes. Model WR. All original except Levers Very Good condition. Model Cr What I have for sale here,is a beautiful Husqvarna cr I had this restored about years ago,and then I brought it in the house and put it right in my office!!

What A conversation piece! Needless to say,it has been very well cared for,and always in climate control. Tank is clean as a whistle inside,and I did fire it up once,right when I got it back,and ran it down the road through the gears.

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I just thought it was too nice to ride! It has one very minor flaw,and that is a feww small dents in the pipe,and I had them left in for a little character. I know where thy can be remover for 60 bucks,not a big issue.

1982 Husqvarna CR 430 Questions

I can ship just about anywhere in the USA for bucks. Please call Bobby with all questions. Make Honda. Model XR. This friend had owned this bike since Way back in he set off on a journey to create his own version of Bill Bell's Baja Bullet from the late 's. Clean and clear Oregon title. First off was the installation of a cc Powroll big bore kit.

Also installed at that time was a mild Megacycle cam. While disassembled a brief clean up and smoothing out of the cylinder ports was done. Next was the fitting of a Honda XR carburetor.

Well known for running great and good gas mileage. While the bike was apart the frame was cleaned up and any unneeded mounting hardware or tabbing for the OEM air filter box and battery stuff was neatly removed. Frame was professionally painted as Bob was pro-painter and owned his own auto body shop. Bob is also a great fabricator. Still looks good.

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Sounds great! Header pipe has minor surface rust. While the rear end was apart the frame rails were custom modified for the installation of a at-the-time "modern" CR seat and rear fender section. All street-legal parts including: lights, wireharness, switches ETC were removed and are not included in the purchase of this bike. This bike could be made street legal again with time and effort finding the parts.

We'd leave it just like it is though. A de-tabbed Honda XR rear swingarmwas mated up to the frame at this time as well.

husqvarna 1982

Both slider and guide are intact and in good used shape ish Honda XR front forks and clamps were installed.Flex your muscles with the ultimate in snow clearing technology.

Enter for a chance to win a prize pack of Husqvarna battery equipment by July 5th, No purchase necessary to enter or to win. The Husqvarna Protection Plan ensures that your equipment will be free of defects in material and workmanship during the protection plan term of coverage. Take advantage today! What if you could have the most powerful and versatile tool at your fingertips? What if you could always stay ahead of competition by working less hours and burning less gas?

We're your one stop shop for all your lawn and garden equipment needs. When you need efficiency and protection, you can count on Husqvarna original accessories. When your tools need durability and performance, you can count on Husqvarna original accessories. We have a wide range of protective clothing, forest tools, spare parts and other accessories to keep you working with confidence in any situation.

Avoid accidents and unnecessary strain on your body by using correct working techniques, personal protective equipment and your Husqvarna chainsaw's built-in safety features. Why is ethanol fuel bad for your small engine outdoor power equipment? For riding mowers or lawn tractors, these precautions are especially critical if children are in the area.

Our easy-to-use battery powered handheld equipment offers the same great performance as our gas-powered equipment. Actual retail prices are established by the applicable re-seller. What are you looking for? Cookies help us deliver a better experience. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

husqvarna 1982

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husqvarna 1982

Switzerland it. United Kingdom. French Polynesia. New Caledonia. New Zealand. Papua New Guinea.

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