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work at home mom

Looking to work at home and make a greater, global impact? See how this company is making a difference in the lives of moms, their families, and the planet.

Do you love wine and want to work from home? Hear from Sarah Landell as she shares her work at home opportunity with Direct Cellars. There has never been a better time to get started working from home. You will find Direct Cellars offers full support for you to get started, learning form other moms just like you.

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Comments 0. Direct Cellars. Featured Work at Home job for moms with Direct Cellars! Work at Home with The Paragon Team. Learn More Here! Get FREE tips to create a business and life you love. At Home Moms.Looking for work-at-home jobs for moms can be the ideal way to meet obligations at home and in a career.

The FlexJobs database lists thousands of work-at-home jobs that offer moms the ability to work comfortably from a home office. Clicking on each job title will take you to all of the related open jobs with remote flexibility available on FlexJobs right now. And, for even more help with your job search, check out our free downloadable guide for moms returning to the workforce.

The monthly subscription costs allow us to fully vet and verify all of the jobs on our siteensuring that customers have a safe and positive job searching experience. Work-from-home customer service roles are plentiful. Workers who can take phone calls, respond to inquiries, provide customers with assistance, and complete administrative tasks will be well qualified for this type of role. One of the more popular jobs for stay-at-home moms, data entry positions can be highly flexible roles that allow you to manage your daily routine with your children by working while they sleep or are at school.

A data entry position requires strong keyboarding skills and sharp attention to detail, which are skills that many parents already have. If think you might enjoy helping people get hired into a new job, a recruiting position may be a good fit. Recruiting coordinators typically assist HR personnel with looking over resumes, performing background checks, assisting with interviews, and onboarding new employees.

Proofreaders typically are highly detail-oriented and can find even the smallest of errors. Many publications and online resources are interested in parenting topics. Use your experience in parenthood as the impetus to get paid to write. Contribute to a parent-focused website, social media outlets, or other publication.

work at home mom

Or, use your financial management expertise or career focus as your basis for contributing. Use your storytelling skills to cash in! Transcription jobs for stay-at-home moms are available with remote, part-time, and flexible schedule options. Common tasks of a transcriptionist include transcribing audio or written content, reviewing reports, and correcting errors.

Most jobs will require the ability to type 75 WPM or more. Virtual assistants provide administrative support to an individual or team. Handling email and social media, maintain calendars, scheduling meetings and travel, planning events, and researching may some of your tasks.

Education is most likely part of your daily routine, so why not convert those skills to earn an income? Accounting clerks most often maintain financial records, reconcile bank statements, prepare reports, process transactions, and provide clerical support to the accounting department. Bookkeeping, data entry, and word processing skills are often required.

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Accounting clerks can often find remote roles that may be full-time or even freelance. Digital and visual designers can find great roles that allow the job to be done completely from home and often on a flexible schedule. Graphic designers might layout a book design, create logos or ads, and design a website.

Many stay-at-home moms work diligently on their own fitness to stay in shape. Why not use those skills and share them with others? Remote roles in fitness and mental health can be an ideal way to help others live a healthier lifestyle while keeping your own health journey on track. Marketing positions can take many forms, including marketing coordinator, SEO specialist, content strategist, among others. In a social media career, you could work as a social media evaluator, possibly checking ads and content for relevancy.

Virtual travel positions are plentiful. Many positions offer the benefit of travel credits that could also allow you and your family to travel.These surprising work-from-home jobs just might make you want to ditch office life in favor of home-office life—for good.

Be honest. When you think of work-from-home jobs, what comes to mind? Data entry? Customer service? Although there are work-from-home jobs in practically every industry, the top fields for flexible jobs are medical and health, HR and recruiting, computer and IT, and education and training, as well as accounting and finance, government, and travel and hospitality.

There are work-from-home jobs in virtually every field and at every level too, from paid internships all the way up to managerial and C-suite-level jobs.

One recent study even showed that moms with flexible work hours make more money —proving that you don't have to have a 9 to 5 desk job to help support your family financially. These 10 surprising work-from-home jobs just might make you want to ditch office life in favor of home-office life—for good.

Education is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs out there, allowing teachers and educators alike the opportunity to school students from anywhere in the country—and frankly, the world. Helping people get approved for the home of their dreams is one of the biggest goals of the mortgage-loan officer. If your organizational skills are top-notch, then you'd make a great virtual assistant.

These talented multitaskers often help companies with online administrative tasks email, calendar management and data entry, for example. If you've ever worked as an administrative assistant, this is the perfect opportunity to use your skills—from the comfort of your home.

No, I’m Not ‘Just’ a Stay-at-Home Mom

Design your way to a work-from-home job with this position as a senior product designer. In short, you get excited solving design challenges with other designers and developers, and then improving and iterating on those products. If HGTV is your must-watch channel, then a work-from-home job as a tour contributor could be a perfect match for you.

Use your strong photography skills and eye for style to write house tours of homes of all sizes and styles. Candidates for the position will be considered only if they submit a mock sample tour of high-resolution JPEG images, descriptive captions, floor plans and three short introductory paragraphs.

The home healthcare recruiter is responsible for delivering all facets of recruiting success throughout the organization. Other critical components of the position include the development of local- and national-recruiting plans, employing traditional sourcing strategies and resources, and developing new and creative recruiting ideas.

Working Mother for iPad included. Gift subscriptions available. Calling all attorneys with broad legal experience! The assistant general counsel position will oversee a variety of legal responsibilities, conduct contract negotiations, draft legal agreements, and more.

Previous legal experience required.One of the coolest factors about working at home means that you have a wide variety of flex-friendly companies to choose from.

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But if you thought that your job search stopped within the U. There are many international companies that are hiring remote workers. Here are just five international companies for moms who want to work remotely—no borders required. This list of five top international companies was culled from the FlexJobs annual list of the top companies with remote jobs.

These businesses were among the top-ranking companies that hired for the most remote worker jobs in It is the third-largest genetics manufacturer in the United States. Worldpay is a top global payment processor, processing The company is headquartered in London, but has a U. The company employs over 4, people in 25 locations spanning 11 countries.

BCD Travel. If traveling with your family is your thing, a remote job with BCD could be a great fit. The global travel management company offers services such as managed travel and business travel consulting. It also supports initiatives to make the workplace better, and boasts strong humanitarian efforts including the Haiti Project, which provides education to underprivileged children in Mirebalais, Haiti.

work at home mom

Cactus Communications. Appen is a global speech and language technology services company. Appen also offers language resources, text, and search, and offers language capability in over languages. As you go about your remote job search, you can expand your search to include international companies to give you the most robust results—and find a work-at-home job that gives you flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to be with your family, too. Site Search:.

Follow therealwahm. Expand your search to include international companies to give you the most robust results.This story was originally published on Sept.

Five Great Franchises for WAHM’s

Nobody cares how many degrees I have two, both cum laude. I do my best as the mother I am now, yet I also cling to an image of the person I could be. I remind myself that parenting is a long game. I care what people think of me, though I desperately try not to. The traditional Muslim Indian culture in which I was brought up smiles approvingly at my at-homeness, on the fact that I gave up a big career for a bigger life at home with the kids.

I judge me, too, and I care that others judge.

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The younger uncles and professionals in the family seem to hesitate, for a moment at least, at the idea that I may have wasted my degree; I assume they suspect I went to university to find a husband. But then they too move on quickly. Have I wasted my degree?

If I have, does it really matter? If I were a man, would my family members ask more questions about my retreat from the professional world? Family and community elders used to inquire with interest about my school reports, and to take real pride in my academic achievements. Among my professionally successful peers who are now stay-at-home moms, too, it seems that many are struggling as I am, to hold onto our former selves, fitting in intellectually stimulating activities during nap time, or whenever we can.

I love my kids, but I wish I enjoyed being home more — Sisyphean tasks like laundry-folding, toy-sorting and cooking grate against me continually. Though I want to stay home with my kids, I abhor the domestic work that is needed to make the home around us livable. Despite being raised in a fairly traditional Indian household, I never learned to cook or clean. People tend to assume I excel at these tasks by virtue of growing up with my mom, grandma and great-grandma all living under the same roof.

work at home mom

But too many hands in the kitchen meant that I had little opportunity to learn these culturally cherished skills — though my lack of interest no doubt played a role as well. My family and culture may provide fodder for my angst, but they offer some food for hope as well.

She did eventually go back to work, and she also managed to make space in her days to pursue other interests, like sewing mostly for my kids! Still, I now understand the guilt and confusion that comes with balancing work and home and children.

Add to that the pull between what is expected of me and what I expect for myself, and you have a recipe for exhaustion. This may be a mental quagmire of my own making, but I need to figure it out, for myself and my daughter.

Aneesa Bodiat, a freelance writer and former corporate lawyer, lives with her family in South Africa. Home Page World U.It is taking a long, hard look at yourself, your family, and your resume, and deciding whether being a work-at-home mom is what you want.

Below are four steps to help you get started on your journey to becoming a successful work-at-home mom. There are many career paths for work-at-home moms.

15 Great Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms

These include:. Whether you're in the workplace now or you're already a stay-at-home mom, the best place to start is with your own resume. If you are currently employed, can you negotiate a flexible work schedule that includes working from home?

If you've already left the workforce, look back at your last job. Network with your former co-workers. They may know of openings or freelance work that could be done from home. Search national job listings for that type of work with "telecommute," "remote," or "work at home" as additional keywords. If your skill set or current career is not a good match for working at home, consider breaking out into a new field.

Online learning is one approach. Starting a home business is another. If you do opt for a new career, keep in mind that you may need to hone your skills in a traditional workplace before becoming a home-based worker.

To get as close as possible to your own ideal, you and your family must set priorities. Here is what your lists might look like:. Once you have your lists, you'll want to rank the items. Then, as you look at job possibilities, think about how they fit with these priorities. Most work-at-home moms don't start out with a full-time telecommuting position right away.

The work-at-home lifestyle is usually something you build over time. In fact, you may need to build up your savings first. Plan to start small. If you're moving from the office to telecommuting, try a couple days a week at first to see how it works for you and your employer.

If you're building a business, that also takes time. By Laureen Miles Brunelli. What's the Right Career Path for You? Prioritize Your Needs. Reasons to Work From Home:. Spend more time with kids Eliminate commute Save money on childcare Leave unpleasant work environment Reduce stress. Plan the Practical Aspects. Here are a few things to take into consideration:. Child Care - Figure out how much and what kind of childcare you'll need.

Ground Rules - Adjusting to working from home can be a difficult transition for you and your family.There are a variety of home-based opportunities that allow you to work from home full-time or part-time in a number of different industries. One type of home-based business is franchise ownership. From tutoring services and child education programs to working in the pet industry, there are a number of home-based franchise opportunities to match a variety of skill sets and interests.

At the most basic level, a franchise is a business that is owned and operated by an individual or franchisee. The business is overseen by a much larger company called the franchisor. When you become a franchisee, you buy the rights to use a proven business model backed by training and support tools.

DITL / Balancing life as a stay at home - work from home mom

You are also buying the rights to a brand that in most cases is well known and established. While these are some of the bigger franchises, there are a number of smaller franchises that will allow you to work from home.

Besides the awesome flexibility working from home provides, most at-home franchises offer lower start-up costs and overhead due to all or part of the business being operated from your house. Home-based franchises are ideal for working moms who can set their own schedules and save on child care costs.

There may also be tax savings available when you run your business out of your house, making a home-based business an economical choice for many of those who want to be their own boss. So, what are some franchises that are particularly well suited as a home-based business?

Here are five for you to consider. Bloomin Blinds. Bloomin Blinds is a family owned and operated blind repair and sales franchise that was started in With low start up costs and even a franchise fee discount for military veterans and public safety employees, Bloomin Blinds is an excellent opportunity for the work-at-home mom. Bricks 4 Kidz. This is achieved through a variety of programs including after-school enrichment classes, summer camps, birthday parties, and field trips. Franchise owners benefit from a proven business model that is truly a home-based business.

Bricks 4 Kidz has a low start up cost with low overhead and is easy to operate. It also offers franchise owners an in-depth Franchise Program that includes start up support, comprehensive on-the-job training, use of proprietary marketing and operations systems, and ongoing support. Club Z! As a Club Z! If you have strong management skills and want a true home-based business experience, then ClubZ! Are you a passionate pet lover who holds pet food to the same standard as the food you eat?

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If yes, then Pet Wants is the perfect franchise option for you. The company offers multiple revenue streams and a delivery subscription program to help franchisees generate recurring revenue and maximize their earnings. To ensure long-term success, Pet Wants offers in-depth training on their proven marketing and operating systems as well as grassroots marketing and community education programs to franchise owners. TruBlue franchisees are provided an array of tools they need to organize and grow the business including lead generation and networking programs to connect with local partners, access to scheduling, accounting, and relationship management technology, and extensive training and ongoing support.

There are thousands of senior care businesses that take care of the person but no one is taking care of the house. If you want to tap into a market with little competition, then joining the TruBlue team is a great opportunity. Site Search:.

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